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2016/2017 Program Operating Budget

2018/2019 Program Operating Budget

Grandview Lacrosse Budget for 2018-2019  
Expenses Covered by Per Player Donation/Fundraising  
Team operating expenses Explanation  Budget 
Coach Reimbursement for out of season activities Expense to reimburse 4 additional coaches at all levels  for their time coaching out of season activities      6,000
Coach apparel Expense to outfit the coaching staff with matching Grandview apparel      1,400
6 cases of balls Cost to replace balls because we lose lots of them      1,100
Scorebreak Scorebreak Application          600
Game film Cost to hire a professional photographer to record varsity games      3,500
Shooter Shirts/polos for players Cost for T-shirts and polo for players     1,000
Tournament (Mt. Vista) Cost of the Mountain Vista Tournament for Freshmen          400
Announcer Cost for Announcer at Varsity Games         370
Gifts & banquet    
Banquet  Cost to offset the end of year banquet expenses      3,500
Senior gifts Expense to provide each senior with a gift at the banquet                            1,600
Predators night Predators Night       300
Business operating expenses    
Scholarship Cost of the annual scholarship for a graduating senior          500
Wish week donation Donation back to Grandview made during Wish Week          300
Website costs Cost of operating the website          595
Postage, license, misc, etc. Miscellaneous costs for PO box rental, postage for filing required tax documentation          300
Annual CHSLCA Fee Annual CHASA fee          100
Weight Room Donation Donation to Grandview Weight Room       1,000
Annual Operating Budget       22,565
One Time Program Costs New Away Jerseys        7,500
Total 2018-20019      30,065
These are estimated expenses.  Actual expenses will vary from year to year.