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Grandview Boys Lacrosse Operating Budget

2020-2021 Program Operating Budget


Grandview Lacrosse Booster Club Budget for 2020-2021   

APPROVED BY BOARD on 9/2/2020         


Expenses Covered by Per Player Donation/Fundraising  
Team Operating Expenses Explanation 2020-21 Budget
Coach Reimbursement for Out of Season Activities Expense to reimburse 4 additional coaches at all levels for mileage for out of season activities  $        6,000
Coach Apparel Expense to outfit the coaching staff with matching Grandview apparel  $        1,400
6 -8 Cases of Balls Cost to replace balls (because we lose lots)  $        1,100
Pixellot/VidSwap Game video editing service  $           935
Game Film Cost to hire a professional photographer to record varsity games  $        3,000
Shooter Shirts/Polos for Players Cost for t-shirts and polo for players  $        1,000
Tournament (Mt. Vista) Cost of the Mountain Vista Tournament for Freshmen  $           400
Home Game Announcer Cost for Announcer at Varsity Games  $           100
Other Operating Costs Misc supplies/costs  $        1,400
Gifts & Banquet    
Banquet  Cost to offset the end of year banquet expenses  $        3,500
Senior Gifts & Predator Night Predator Cup and Senior Night / graduate gifts expenses   $           800
Team Managers' Gifts Team managers' year end recognition gifts  $           175
Business Operating Expenses    
Scholarship(s) Cost of the annual scholarship for a graduating senior  $           500
Wish week donation Donation back to Grandview made during Wish Week  $           300
Website Costs Cost of operating the website  $           595
Postage, Licenses, Insurance, Bank Fees, Misc, etc. Miscellaneous administrative costs / unbudgeted Items  $        1,800
Annual CHSAA Fee Annual CHASA  fee  $           100
Weight Room Donation Donation to Grandview Weight Room  $        1,000

NEW - Alumni Game

Sports dome rental - Thanksgiving/Winter break  $            350


Annual Operating Budget

   $     24,455
One Time Program Costs  2020 /2021 Purchases  $        7,500
Total    $     31,955