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Grandview Player Contribution

By Scott Hussey, 12/06/16, 1:15PM MST


Grandview Player Contribution


As we discussed at the Dec 6 Booster Club meeting, we are asking each player to contribute $250 to the Booster Club for the 2017 Spring season.  Contributions can be made in one of 3 ways:

1. Parents contribute the entire $250 through the Grandview Website.  If parents will make the entire contribution, please use this registration on our website so all the money donated goes directly to the club.  If parents use the social media giving site, about 10% of the donation goes to that site and not the club.

2. We will have a social media giving site set up in February where family, and friends can donate toward a specific player's goal.

3. A combination of both a parent contribution and the social media giving program.  

All donations are tax deductible so if you donate before the end of 2016, you can take the write-off this year.