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Varsity Team Announcement

By Scott Hussey, 03/04/20, 9:45PM MST


2020 Varsity Team Announcement

The following is the Varsity team list for the Spring 2020 season.



Varsity Team Announcement

Abeyta Ronan
Alie John
Bruckman Cade
Cassidy Ian
Cole Thomas
Foster Jackson
Humphrey Blake
Humphrey Evan
Hussey Tyler
Jones Jackson
Kartz Jake
Kelly Jaxon
Logue Nicolas
Maccarrone Gabriel
McClure William
Mcgahey Luke
Mcgahey Jack  
Moore Nikolas
Place Logan
Renner Joe
Rinaldo Michael
Schildt Owen
Stone Joshua
Thayer Aaron
VanWormer Calvin
Wehrman Noah
Zachman Santiago


All players not listed are assigned to the JV team.  The JV players will compete for the upper and lower JV team assignments on a weekly basis.  We will play some schools that have a JV and C team and some who do not. 

In the case where we play a team with a JV and C team, the upper and lower JV teams will both play that day. 

In the case where another team doesn't have a JV and C team , the team will be combined to compete with the other school's JV team.

We are doing uniform distribution tomorrow and pictures on Friday.

If any player would like to discuss their team placement and what they need to work on to get to the next level, I am happy to have that discussion over the next couple of days.  Have your son come talk to me either before or after practice.

I have been pleased with the level of effort and focus our guys have shown during tryouts and look forward to getting the season started.

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